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In my head I guess
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children and pregnancy

Another Soap Box I'm going to jump on

Children and pregnancy should not go together.  What I mean is that children should not be pregnant.  It blows my mind that there are 15 year olds that a pregnant, what is this??  They are children themselves.  Is it strange that I decided to wait to have sex? If it is I wish that it wasn't and more people would make the same choice. 


Here is another thing what are these parents thinking when they kid there kids out?  How does that help anything? It doesn't.  Oy vay these things frustrate me very much. 


Aborting the Childs child.  I'm very pro-life.  I don't think its write that you kill the child you made and the way they do it is disgusting.  Have you ever seen pictures of the baby that's been aborted??? It’s not a pretty site.  It's a good thing that Bush band parshal birth abortions because that's really when you get into the gross stuff.  You can hear the heartbeat 22 days after conseption and brain waves start at about 40 days after conseption.  It's a life.  There are many things to do with the baby after birth but The baby is a life.  You don't know what that baby would do or could do if you just kill it.  Arg this makes me so mad. 

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