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In my head I guess
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this is my writing

Lindsay Roland


Writing Compound

September 13, 2005

Love and Speech

         Whether or not love exists in a relationship if the emotion is not verbally expressed then to the person that is love it means nothing.  People are not mind readers and there forth they need to be told how others feel about them.  If a man loves a woman but does not tell her then how can she be expected to know?  Women specifically have a training to think that all men want is to have sex, this often causes a questioning as to a mans motive, intent, and loyalty.  This can also be reversed a woman loves a man she must also share her feelings with him, need this be repeated: People are not mind readers.

        There is another side to this, if you do not love a person do not say that you do for such things come back and end up causing pain and heart ache later on.  It is normal for people to be dating less than a week and suddenly they will say, “I love you” without a second thought.  In today’s society the term “I love you” is very over used, and causes a great misunderstanding as to the true meaning of the term and the emotion that goes behind it.  There is a chance that it is this misunderstanding plays a role into the high divorce rate in the current American society.  Is it possible that these people do not understand love and all of its different parts there forth causing others to see there “love” and  causing others to doubt there own feelings. 

Prewarning-I was just writing.  It is just a flow of thought and so it most likely doesn't make any since but I'm not going to go change it


Flowing free as happy as can be that's what I am now but not what I was to be.  This was once just a facade but now it is me.  It is no longer just something I dream to be but what I am.  I was just a molting bug.  I am no longer that bug but a free creature who can be truly free.  It no longer matters that I am not normal.  Who wants to be normal when I can be free with all the worlds abnormities.  What is normal and what is the use of it?  We are all different people with brains of our own not to be wasted on pure conformity

The Lack of You
Ripping fiery pain
a single note
a Picture
one tear, two tear
three tear,
all is anguish
and I just long
for the bliss ignorance
life was great
and all was lost.
Why did you have to go?
It just makes life harder
Didn't he forsee this?
Into the potters hands
but what is this that the potter has made?
I just dont' see it
I just see the pain
caused by the lack of you

Friday July 2nd
I can barely believe it
I can hardly say it's true
I can barely believe it,
That I saw you
Their you were
Standing in the Sun
Their you were
My heart had to run
There I stood in fear
Hoping not to wake
There I stood in fear
Scared to reach out and take
A year to cover
So much to say
A year to cover
So little time, not even a day
But there I was OK
Just getting to see
But there I was OK
Just getting to be
I could barely believe it
but their you were.
There I stood fear
with a year to cover,
But there I was OK

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