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In my head I guess
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What is going on
There is a massive genocide going on in Darfur Sudan.  this has been going on for over a year but there hasn't been much done about it.  Things are finally being done to help but as it stands now it's to little to late. 

Ok this just ticks the crap out of me.  The government backs the Janjaweed(militants) that go out and torture, castrate, rape, starve, displace and slaughter the non-Arabs in this region.  More than 1.6 million people have been stuck in camps with out the necessities for life. 

Now step back does this sound oddly familiar? Rwanda in 1994 and the Holocaust.  The Holocaust memorial site had a lot of banners and things about this and that's how I found out.  It makes me sick that this is going on but what is worse is that I didn't know.  The media doesn't cover this.  The people of Darfur asked the US for help but we are in Iraq.  Recently the international criminal court has accused them of war crimes; also the AU (African Union) has called to double the size of its military forces in Darfur to 6,000 troops.  This is all a step in the right direction but it's not enough.  It's really bad because when Darfur was starting to get out the civil war that was going on in Sudan was resolved so people thought that Darfur was over but sadly to say it isn't people are still dying daily.